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The Gabba’s Greens councillor Jonathan Sri (pictured with Senator Larissa Waters) has defended living in an illegal share house. Photo: Bradley Kanaris

I had a friend send me a news article that highlighted how due to unaffordability, our society is forcing people to live in illegal and undesirable situations.

This article describes why a Brisbane City Councillor has been forced to live in an Illegal Share House

Living in a caring community, and sharing and bearing a load with others is a good thing, however when it means that there is overcrowding, or insurances won’t cover incidents (because of the illegal use of the property), something has to change.

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are a significantly better option than living illegally, and even renting. Some of the benefits include:

  1. The resident is an owner of the property in a shared equity arrangement with the CLT.
  2. The resident is able to hang pictures on walls, have pets (so long as there are no bodies corporate rules to the contrary), have the security of knowing that they aren’t going to be moved from their home at a landlord’s whim.
  3. Due to the affordability of getting into a CLT home, residents won’t be forced to live in an overcrowded share-house situation.
  4. Rent doesn’t continually go up with the market, instead the resident will be paying down their mortgage and building equity.

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