All Renewable City-Burlington, VT

Burlington, VT all renewable city and largest CLT in the world

Burlington, Vermont is not only the world’s largest community land trust, but is working toward sustainability.  They built the first woodchip plant in the US, which produces enough electricity (50MW) to power the entire city, although Burlington only owns half the power from this plant and has other renewable sources. I (Gary Flomenhoft) taught renewable energy courses at the University of Vermont for 10 years, and trained numerous students who went on to careers working for Vermont Energy investment Corporation, Efficiency Vermont, or other renewable energy businesses in Vt.

All of this did not come by accident, but started with the back to the land movement in the 1960’s typified by the new progressive mayor Bernie Sanders at that time.  Every mayor has been a member of the Progressive Party until the recent election of a Democratic Mayor.  Read this article for details of Burlington’s renewable energy plan put into place by the municipal utility owned by the residents of Burlington, who strongly support renewable energy.


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