Australia (map) 

CLTs in start-up:

Mt Alexander Community Land Ltd

St Kilda Community Housing Ltd. (will be Melbourne CLT)

Southern Moreton Bay Islands CLT Limited

Australia CLT Network on Google Groups Email Louise Crabtree to join:

NEW!  New Zealand (map)

Kotare Village

The Land Trust NZ (Organic Farming Trust)


“Right to the City” Video

Brussels CLT interview with Sophie Ghyselen


UK Community Land Trust Network

Great UK CLT Video


US Community Land Trust Network

Grounded Solutions Network

Burlington Vermont Community Land Trust (Champlain Housing Trust)

Community Wealth CLT Pages (Massive Resources)
Note: Ground lease system of CLTs is NOT feasible in most parts of Australia due to Australia property law.  Shared equity is feasible everywhere, so is the preferred method in Oz.

Inspiring article about CLT in Middletown, CA  and book about land


CLTs Around the World


The Favela as CLT?

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